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The Raycasting Game Maker is a Wolfenstein inspired game engine developed by BitHandler, and can be downloaded over on ModDB. (Links are included in the guide)


My name is Jonathan, aka FilmmakerJ/FilmGamerJ, and this is the 100% Free, packed to the brim, Definitive Guide to the Raycasting Game Maker.

When I first discovered the RGM game engine through the E1M1 RGM Game Jam in 2021, I was struck by how simple and effective it was and wanted to give it a try. But, ironically, once I started playing around with it, I quickly realized how little the engine explains to you in its Help section and how complicated the engine actually is to use. While it is small and does a lot of the work for you with automatic code, the problems come when you want to start importing your artwork and don't know where it's all stored. Then you close the program to start things back up the next day, and your heart jumps because you realize the software doesn't have tabs and you don't know where your level map has gone. 

How do you save your levels? How do you change which ceiling and floor textures are loaded? How do you add audio tracks to your levels? How do you add cutscenes? How do you change the game icon for your executable?

So that's when I decided to create my very own tutorial guide for the Raycasting Game Maker so that no one else ever has to wonder these things in vain again.

All of the collected knowledge from previous users, game devs, fans, and my own trial and error have been compiled into this 118 page retro-inspired game guide to give you every last scrap of knowledge you could possibly need.

Not only do I cover every panel, tab, and placeable sprite, but I also explain the quirks and oddities of the software you'll want to be aware of; that way, you're not caught off guard. The end of the guide also features several advanced tips and tricks for how to make the most out of the engine's many limitations.

What's In This Tutorial Package?

In addition to the 118 page tutorial guide, I've included 26 video footage examples, featuring the 12 indie games credited in the guide, and footage of 7 example games I created myself specifically for the final tips and tricks section.

I've also included 4 other files you may find of use:

  • (NEW) A complete "Artwork Atlas" chart, containing empty spaces correctly sized for every bitmap and texture that can be imported into RGM. This includes 100 environment tiles; enemy, sprite, and weapon animation states, menu and cutscene screens, and the HUD. That's a total of 288 individual images you can design and use in your games.
  • A"Weapon Power VS Endurance" chart which will help you navigate the relationship between weapon power, enemy endurance, and destructable sprite endurance. In this case, Endurance refers to how well it holds up before it dies or explodes.
  • A "GameBitmaps Filenames Chart," which may prove helpful as you begin replacing the default artwork with your own designs, as these files must be overwritten or resaved with the exact same filenames in order to function.
  • An image TEMPLATE file, in .bmp format, which shows color-coded blocks for where each number in a number reference image exists. Basically, the RGM engine uses an image file to display numbers on both the HUD and level-end score screens rather than generated text. This makes it possible to hand-craft the font or design of these numbers by replacing these image files. But the default images don't make it clear where the edges of each number actually are. So I thought this Template might come in handy.

Lastly, a standard TXT ReadMe file has been included which covers all credits, sources and acknowledgements, beyond what the guide itself covers.

All Comments and Suggestions Are Encouraged

If you experience any issues while accessing and reading this guide, or if you are confused by anything and think a section should be updated or added, please comment below and I'll be sure to provide occasional updates as I am able.

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The Definitive Guide to RGM.zip

Install instructions

This tutorial guide has been provided as a downloadable .ZIP file which must be extracted first before the guide can be used.

When reading this guide, using Adobe Acrobat should allow you to make use of the included hyperlinks to each of the included Video Examples (1 - 26).

However, I cannot guarantee that other PDF readers will allow this functionality. So if you are reading this guide through your browser or another reader, you will need to access the Video Examples sub-folder manually in order to view them.

None of the picture examples have been included as additional files, as the guide is large enough to zoom in on each picture and view them without much loss in their original quality. However, a few images will already be heavily zoomed in, so they'll look fuzzy to begin with.

Development log


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while i will not be touching RGM for the foreseeable future, this is just insane!


also, on page 6 where you mention other engines you could link to EFPSE which is similar to RGM but a major improvement in just about every way and can be a great way to make the transition from RGM to something like Unity easier


Oooooh! That's fantastic! I had heard some rumblings about EFPSE late last year, but I had no idea it got released. Looking at its features, I'm impressed by how it builds upon RGM and makes many things more intuitive. That being said, I'm still glad I made this guide, as it still felt like something that needed to exist for those who want to give it a try.


its definitely a great guide and well made


Great work! Will definitely be making more RGM games in the future.

(1 edit) (+2)

Damn that's really THE Definitive Guide to RGM. I wish I had such tenacity and energy as the author with my own projects.


As Dedreek said, it's an AMAZING work ! Useful for small game jam and prototypes, just perfect <3  Congrats my friend !


TITANIC WORK. Great book for RGM users!